The British Museum.

After nearly over 20 years I have FINALLY visited the British Museum again!
It took me back to my younger days going on a school trip to this place, and as soon as I stood in front of this wonderful building I felt that warm feeling of relief that I have finally accomplished something that I was suppose to do in last summer!
Here is a shot of the amazing architectural building that holds so many precious artefacts!

20140103-065709 pm.jpg

20140103-065751 pm.jpg

20140103-065808 pm.jpg
I had to take a few snaps of these pigeons, they were just begging me to take snaps of them! I even tried to scare these away so I could capture a flight shot, but they didn’t budge a bit! Brave!

20140103-070052 pm.jpg

20140103-070106 pm.jpg

20140103-070117 pm.jpg
The lonely man that stood here for about an hour on the phone…….

20140103-070250 pm.jpg
And finally… Here are the rest of my photos taken from inside of the museum!

20140103-070414 pm.jpg

20140103-070437 pm.jpg

20140103-070425 pm.jpg

20140103-070450 pm.jpg

20140103-070517 pm.jpg

20140103-070505 pm.jpg

20140103-070641 pm.jpg


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