Testing out smoke grenades.

Thinking out of the box? Umm, yes we sure are!
So this little project includes a smoke grenade, a tunnel, and running away from the authorities.
Luckily for us three we couldn’t have picked the most perfect winters day, it was cold (asusual in London) but there was absolutely NO wind or rain! Which made it perfect for us to shoot this test shot!
Only problem we faced was once we finished we had the ‘authorities’ chasing us out, luckily for us none of us suffer from obesity, and we can move when theres a chance of us ending up in police custody!
My advice is to have a lookout buddy with a bell on hand! Lol.
Anyways, heres a few from the day, some edited, but some just left as it is because they look too dope to be messed about with!
Oh, and a shout out to (@yokace) for being our temporary model, and (@ruhul_221) for being the 2nd photographer of the day! Follow them when you can!!!!

20131218-081953 pm.jpg

20131218-082024 pm.jpg

20131218-082057 pm.jpg

20131218-082103 pm.jpg

20131218-082115 pm.jpg

20131218-082039 pm.jpg

20131218-082011 pm.jpg


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