Johnny Cupcakes.

Johnny Cupcakes, founded in 2001 by Johnny Earle.
As you can already guess, cupcakes play a big part of the design behind the label, the iconic symbol with the cupcake in the middle, with two bones crossing below it is exactly the same as the skull and bones symbol you see that pirates have waving around on their flags.
The design is simple, elegant, and somehow very urban and retro all at the same time, its easy to spot if someones wearing this due to it being bold and out there.

20130910-113446 PM.jpg

I love this clothing line, its inspirational how this clothing line made it so big, how hard work, commitment and love for what you do pays off at the end. Its like a fairytale story that you hear when you are still at the age of 5.

Johnny has always been a smart guy from a earlier age, by selling and designing his own pins, buttons, and badges at his school. From this he gained knowledge on how to do business and in 1989 he moved onto selling t-shirts from the back of his car to friends and people in the area.
Mid 2001 Johnny started to wear his t-shirts at shows that he attended, without any other advertising people started to recognise his brand and from there the brand exploded!
People came from far to get this exclusive gear, buyers from across the world wanted a piece of this in their boutiques and stores.
With this in mind Johnny decided to make a store website, and moved on to opening his very first Johnny Cupcakes shop in his hometown of Hull, Massachusetts, entirely made by him and his dad completely transforming an old boat garage into a little boutique store, offices, and a warehouse.

20130911-120204 AM.jpg
The brand always continues to focus on enhancing customers’ experiences through stores, events, websites, designs, and packaging.
I went to the London store not that long ago, and experienced how different the vibe is there.
As soon as you walk in theres always someone there to meet and greet you with a massive smile, they make you feel welcome straight away.
The store itself is simple but quirky and the whole theme to the shop was a bakery, but instead of putting bread or cupcakes in the stands, there was a wide range of tee’s and accessories.

20130911-122041 AM.jpg
Below are the imaginative packaging…..

20130911-122413 AM.jpg

20130911-122419 AM.jpg
And here are more photo’s…..

20130911-123148 AM.jpg

20130911-123235 AM.jpg
<br /<br /

20130911-123711 AM.jpg


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