Spotlights on…. Steph Taylor.

My topics that follow on my “Spotlights on….” Category is basically a personal insight to my life, friends and family. It is purely dedicated on people in my life that deserve the limelight, due to them being either talented, beautiful or just out of the ordinary.
This weeks update is based on one of my close friends Steph Taylor. One of the most down to earth, funny and beautiful people in my life.
Ever since I’v known her, I have, and so has everyone else have always told her that she should think about being a model, she was born to be a model with her sharp features, that natural glow when shes infront of a camera and her bubbly personality.
Recently her modelling career has shot up through the roof, working with Look magazine, Urban Outfitters, and Asos.
I am very proud that she is finally doing what she was born to love, and do.
Here are a few of her modelling shots below.

20130909-123956 PM.jpg

20130909-124014 PM.jpg

20130909-124032 PM.jpg

20130909-124006 PM.jpg

20130909-124026 PM.jpg
Here is Stephs photo’s taken from Urban Outfitters for Obey Clothing.

20130909-060030 PM.jpg


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