Belgium artist ROA is known for his unique large scale graffiti of wildlife in busy cities, hand painted with just black and white ROA has become one of the most famous artists that has hit the streets of London, USA, Norway, Puerto Rico, South Africa. I admire the the fact that he just turns up to a wall without a sketch and just freestyles all of his work by memory, sounds easy if it was on a A4 page, but his work is ‘abit’ bigger than that A4 page.
The animals themselves are represented in their purest forms, whether they be alone or in groups, sleeping or awake, half skeleton or part organ dissection. Using placement and the enlarging of subject, ROA implies the absurdity of the human attitude toward animals, as well as toward their own roots and origin.

Here are a few of his pieces below.

20130909-011219 AM.jpg

20130909-011227 AM.jpg

20130909-011236 AM.jpg

20130909-011248 AM.jpg

20130909-011300 AM.jpg

20130909-011329 AM.jpg
If you are in London, the below artwork is in Shoreditch, East London…..

20130909-011903 AM.jpg

20130909-012941 AM.jpg

20130909-012947 AM.jpg

All of the photos above are just a few out of many, so if you are interested in more of his work, I would suggest you search ROA on any search engine.


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