Where all we do is drink tea with crumpets.

Not that long ago, I decides to write up a ’50 things to do before I die’ list.
One of the subjects I wrote down was to explore my city alot more.
I lived in Shoreditch for 25 years and now I moved to a quieter side of London in Dagenham, Essex.
Its nice living in a quiet part of London, you get alot of time to do some thinking. But I miss being soo far to major landmarks still.
One sunny morning I decided to dedicate a whole day to wonder around my city, so heres what I captured…..

20130908-041845 PM.jpg

20130908-041857 PM.jpg

20130908-041910 PM.jpg
I love working in black and white, I prefer shooting in this style because It adds more depth to every shot, and it lets your mind fill in the photo with what colours you think it would be like. So in other words, its a way for people to relate to what I saw on that day

20130908-042242 PM.jpg

20130908-042255 PM.jpg

20130908-042303 PM.jpg

These are a few of the photo’s I did in colour. I must admit, I am still not 100% confident that they are as best as It can be, but since I am starting up photography, I am proud of what I have taken.
Theres always space for improvement, and any feedback wether its good or bad is good for me to improve. So feel free to be honest on how I have done. Thank you.

20130908-042824 PM.jpg

20130908-042835 PM.jpg

20130908-042858 PM.jpg


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