Ronya Galka

Born and educated in Germany, Ronya moved to London in the early 1990s and it is there that she launched her photography career and developed her own style of urban and street photography, extracting the extraordinary from life around her.

20130908-054618 AM.jpg
The reason why Ronya’s photography stands out from the rest of the british based photographers for me, is that she has a keen eye to capturing London landmanks aswell as a feel to what London is really like.
Yes, we all know that London’s not the best place to be in if you are looking for sun, blue skies, and warm beaches. But what we do have in this lovely city is loving warm souled people, tradition, jaw dropping landmarks, history, and a very busy city…..basically, every photographers dream to shoot.
As a amateur wannabe photographer, I hope to learn from talented people such as Ronya to gain that same eye she uses to take these amazing photo’s, and luckily for me, I live in this city.

20130908-054727 AM.jpg

20130908-054734 AM.jpg

20130908-054742 AM.jpg

20130908-054801 AM.jpg

20130908-054808 AM.jpg

20130908-054818 AM.jpg

20130908-054832 AM.jpg
Follow Ronya on twitter : @RonyaGalka
Or to see more of her photography, make sure to go to


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