Christian Aslund.

Stockholm-based photographer Christian Aslund payed tribute to retro 2D video games using the streets of Hong Kong as a backdrop. The photos were taken as part of an ad campaign for shoe brand Jim Rickey utilizing models who would lay flat on the streets or sidewalks to create the unique perspective. I really LOVE the ‘Thinking out of the box’ photography, and it goes to show that photography can be more than ‘Just taking snaps’, it can be fun and exciting too!!!

Here are some of his photo’s on his 2D work….

20130907-113841 PM.jpg

20130907-113849 PM.jpg

20130907-113856 PM.jpg

20130907-113904 PM.jpg

20130907-113917 PM.jpg
And here are three of his other photo’s that I LOVE too…..enjoy!

20130907-114024 PM.jpg

20130907-114032 PM.jpg

20130907-114038 PM.jpg


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