Justin Timberlake album launch 2013.

“The best part about being alone is that you really don’t have to answer to anybody. You do what you love.”

~ Justin Timberlake.

20130907-102414 PM.jpg

Earlier this year I got invited by a good friend Ruhul Amin to see the launch of Justin Timberlakes new album launch of The 20/20 Experience.
I must admit, I wasn’t too big on the idea of seeing him live on stage, but damn I was wrong…..
I have been to quite a few concerts before, but hand on heart…. JT put on a proper show.
It had everything, a live band (which were awsome) JT bussin out some slick dance steps and his singing was on point! Since I am a 80’s child, I have listened to JT since his NSync days, to his solo albums like Justified. So in other words, I knew all of his lyrics, so singing along to all of his tracks made the concert more enjoyable!
I took a few snaps from that night, and thought I would share these with you all…..
Hats off to JT! Best concert so far for me!

20130907-103841 PM.jpg

20130907-103854 PM.jpg

20130907-103907 PM.jpg

20130907-103918 PM.jpg


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